Learning How to Start Your Own Home Based Skincare Business Has Never Been Easier!

Here is your chance to make 2019 your year by being the ultimate boss you were destined to be. You've always wanted to start your Skincare Line but wasn't entirely sure where to start, what ingredients to use, how to package or even source packaging. Well, look no further. In this course, Ms. Kandyce will go in depth with the dos and donts of starting your business in the Skincare industry. With highly detailed demonstrations of how to make your own products within your own home. It is advised that you watch the videos from the course and take notes before application. It is noted that observation before application results in better quality outcomes than opposed to working while viewing for the first time. Being that this course is self paced, you can watch this as many times to fully grasp everything at your own speed. No rush! You can pause and pick up where you left off, but this is not recommended while actually making your products. Chemicals will be used and are advised not to be left open or unattended. Products without added preservatives must also be discarded immediately if left unattended for a period of time for quality results.

Here’s what’s included in this class:

  • Mask

  • Facial Serums & Oils

  • Toners

  • Exfoliators

  • Shave Gel

  • BodyButter

  • Bath Bombs & Soaps

  • Lotions & Moisturizers

  • Free Recipes to Personalize your Business

You get UNLIMITED access to online video tutorials that you can watch over and over, wherever you are as long as you have internet access!

Got questions? No worries, you get access to the instructor inside the class if you have any further questions.

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